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18 Aug 2023 04:07I'm alive!
13 Apr 2023 18:54If you're alive... We keep revisiting the world of these sounds you've made, but it's pixelated and has pre-echo; help us to hear its nuances, rerelease in 24bit lossless!
18 Nov 2014 11:42here's 30-min "selffish special" mix i've done few days ago: techno.vizio.biz/sessions/pyc_-_torrentech.org_session_094_idm.zip + www.mixcloud.com/torrentech/intermezzo-selffish-special/
30 May 2014 22:37hey bud, we're thirsty for your new music... please..... :)
selffish: hello serbia! new sounds at soundcloud.com/selffi
25 Mar 2014 10:51Hi Selffish! How do you do? Today I am sitting in the sun, listening to Blue Planet Chill. Good times! -Asbjørn, Norway
selffish: hi Asbjørn! thank you for sharing your feelings! music is timeless, right?
05 Jan 2013 02:13Hello, Your welcome, thank you. It would be an honor to create to your music. Cheers , Antoinette
14 Oct 2012 20:42Congratulations to your 10th anniversary! Hope you keep on enlightening your listeners ears with your stupendous stuff. Cheers, Lomov
08 Mar 2012 13:54Hi! Is it not about time to release your old stuff in FLAC? It makes me a bit sad to only be able to listen to these old 192 kbps files of yours. I know several people would be very excited to hear Ena in lossless. -Asbjørn, Norway
selffish: I'll see what I can do.
16 Dec 2011 04:34just fell in love with your music and i like you pictures in the gallery very much! got here from alex lehmann. greetings :)
22 Nov 2011 10:52especially beginning of your"just kitten" remix is BEAUTIFULL techno-house,(D.Bidart. France)
07 Jun 2011 14:31C прошедшим b-day, далекий друг! наилучшие и самые светлые пожелания из Москвы. Мара.
25 Apr 2011 01:55hi. love your music. will you release something soon? asbjørn
15 Apr 2011 11:22hello, please what you use to create music /equipment + software/?
15 Feb 2011 04:41Tava nosvērtība mani vienmēr iedvesmot! Vienīgais, varētu vēlēties vel vairāk "Treijas"! Paldies! MK@BOS
17 Oct 2010 01:41beautifull music...:-)
24 Feb 2010 18:08that was all too easy. The hardest part was to notion the comment on the blog i visit less than once a year. And no, you did not offend me in anyway. I hope you read this, and i am very curious where to find you next :)
Reinout- Amsterdam
08 Feb 2010 20:24re: comfortnoise mystery track: wow, it's your own unfinished work. Glad to have heard this unreleased gem.
05 Feb 2010 14:35greatly enjoyed your set with Marius on comfortnoise podcast 004-0110. Do you know which track you played at ~1:32:00-1:37:00?
selffish: hello and thank you for your feedback! this is unfinished track and it has no name yet. seeing as quite a few people got hooked on it, i think i should finish it soon. thanks for enjoying my sounds!
26 Jan 2010 05:18great stuff! i've been listening to your set you did w/ marius quite a bit lately. excellent vibe.
02 Dec 2009 08:56new album, pleeeeaaaaseeeee!!! :)
14 Nov 2009 06:07Your music is poetic, awakening, inspirational and such a masterpiece.
I enjoy listening to your tracks.. Cheers from London ;)
16 Sep 2009 14:24hi! could you reupload "live @ "klusa daba" please :)
selffish: just did. enjoy.
09 Jul 2009 14:45I discovered Selffish yesterday, and I have been surfing on his sounds since. Lovely music! Will he, she, them, us see a release date sometime in the future? Love and happy wishes from Norway.
Takk for den skjønne musikken!
selffish: thank you very much! my album "he she them us" is nearly finished. last bits left to polish and then i will prepare a demo. i was actually working on a track from this album this night! i will publish more information on my web site soon.
25 Apr 2009 13:49very fine music, hello from france, keep on
selffish: merci beacoup!
28 Feb 2009 12:35I love your releases on thinner.
06 Feb 2009 22:21В восторге от вашей музыки! Спасибо.
30 Jan 2009 02:01Cheers mate , thank you.
What would consider as a price for those items ?
my email addy is : kaiton.slusher@gmail.com
07 Dec 2008 23:01lieliski, lieliski, lieliski! :)
11 Nov 2008 03:32Greetings from Alien Air Music and KXLU radio in Los Angeles;

I discovered your music on the "Deep Sea Shipping" v/a sampler and found your (new?) website. After downloading a few tracks, I broadcast a Selffish set last night on my radio program (Sunday 9-November). Afterwards I downloaded your Klusa Daba live and Ambient Self Demo Mix sets - awesome music!

I look forward to giving you more airplay in the future.

“Alien Air Music" features international electronic music and has run since 1984 here in Los Angeles from KXLU radio at Loyola Marymount University. Broadcast time is Sunday evenings 9-11pm (PST).

The playlist for last night's program is posted and a musical archive of it is on my website. You can also see your picture in my homepage highlight box promoting the show.

I will also be looking at other artists on your scene - maybe for an entire two hour Latvian electronic broadcast.

Cheers and keep up the great music!

Pat Murphy
host and producer
Alien Air Music
KXLU 88.9 FM
Los Angeles
e-mail for artists: media@alienairmusic.com
24/7KXLU radio webcast: www.kxlu.com
04 Nov 2008 23:02ceru, ka Tev joprojām ir labi un mūzika ir tikpat viegla un patīkama. Piedomāju par Tevi

23 Jul 2008 14:25the thirst for yuur music is great. give us more. words just can't explain how much i like your expression.
22 Jul 2008 18:49hello,
i very like the track 'long loco out thrill'!
How your tracks are licenced? Can i use it f.e. as 'background music' for a video which visualises a development process[1]?
Finaly i wanted to post the video on vimeo, there are some similar videos (search for code swarm).

[1] generated by scripts of vis.cs.ucdavis.edu/~ogawa/codeswarm/

best regards
selffish: please contact me by e-mail directly (my e-mail address is provided at the bottom of the page)
13 Jul 2008 23:02и еще раз, большое спасибо за крылья, которые вы подарили вчера ;) юрга
26 Jun 2008 23:51Послушала твои последние треки, есть просто сумасшедше великолепные! =) С нетерпением жду альбом...Moz@ika
04 May 2008 22:50Селффиш, вы волшебник:) Спасибо вам за вашу великолепную и глубокую музыку. Отдельное уважение за то, что выпускаете свою музыку, не прося за неё деньги, это правильно, потому что не стоит смешивать настоящее Искусство и коммерцию, на мой взгляд..
Удачи вам и приятного творчества:)
selffish: спасибо.
18 Apr 2008 09:59i am a professional choral conductor and university professor. just recently learned of your music and love it. "blue planet chill" is great. have ordered "deep sea shipping" I hope you will come to texas. you are a special talent! DLB
selffish: thank you very much for the inspirational words, DLB! i am hoping to finish my long-delayed album this year and i also hope to play my music in the united states one day!
17 Apr 2008 18:47please make it happen soon (releasing of new stuff), because there are no artist in the world i'm more eager to listen to. apsolutely perfect music. nothing less!! we're really on the same wavelength.
12 Feb 2008 20:08Still keen on you upcoming album.. :)

Regards, cmos
31 Jan 2008 19:52Extraordinary music. I hope you come to Montreal and play your music here.

Suzanne, Montreal, (Canada)
10 Jan 2008 05:30Selffi, my friend - have a good year 8.
all my love - tk
11 Dec 2007 04:02Great stuff ! Keep up the good work.
25 Oct 2007 23:48Good to hear that! Keep on working then and remember there are some people who are really waiting for it ;) Take care, Marcin
22 Oct 2007 16:39Hello, I've been waiting for long time for your next album and today I noticed the announce of it had disappeared from Thinner site. What is going on? Man, it's been three years already since release of Ena... Cheers, Marcin from Warsaw
selffish: hello Marcin! i confirm that my album "he, she, them, us" will be released on thinner in the coming months, as long planned. what has been canceled was my teaser ep, which i did not manage to finish on time.
22 Oct 2007 16:39I noticed that your upcoming release is no longer announced on thinner. Instead, there was released a record by Gaston Arevalo today as CatNo 099 and the only item left in the announcements is the compilation (which had the title "End of an era" some month ago and now is untitled again that leads me to believe that after 100 thinner will quit).
Did you stop your album or will it be released elsewhere?
selffish: that was my ep announcement, but we had to cancel it this time because i was not able to meet the deadline for the release. as to my upcoming album "he, she, them, us", it will be released as agreed and i am working on it at present. i look forward into sending pre-release tracks to thinner by november, 2007.
01 Oct 2007 22:19simply the best electronic music artist in the world. that's how i feel now... can't deny that feeling even if i wanted to :)
11 Sep 2007 10:17Thanks to your musik, our olives are growing well,
soil exhale (greetings from Croatia!) beautiful expression ;-)
31 Aug 2007 15:56www.eclectro.nl/2007-08-31-selffish-live/#respond - ehrm yes, that's the review... ;-) A short one, but only positive.
selffish: ah, thank you! i'll ask my friend to translate.
29 Aug 2007 18:36I discovered your music by way of Motionfiled. You have got mad talent! Each song is a euphoric journey. Keep doing what you are doing. - Dub_Ninja (SubsonicTemple San Francisco)
09 Jun 2007 01:48brilliant~
06 Jun 2007 02:59Your music is lovely and exceptionally smart. Thank you so much for making it freely available! --- RKN in San Francisco
selffish: thank you very much! your words are an excellent gift for my birthday!
23 Mar 2007 23:44Labs. Pateicoties rallija DVD par jums uzzināju.
19 Mar 2007 11:39hello from Austin, TX selfi!
The final mix of Avacado Stone is quite lovely. It was a pleasure working on it along with Joee Santori. I would very much like to work with you again. I've just recently posted a myspace music profile with a few samples from my new project, "a beautiful abyss" @ www.myspace.com/sheehantavish. I would love for you to take a listen some time. I'm still working with Rena Jones on the final mixing & mastering, & some recording with Joee, but I hope to have it released
this coming Fall. Any artistic or technical feedback would be much appreciated.
selffish: dear Sheehan! thank you for the cheers! it has been indeed a fruitful cooperation between us three, and i am looking forward to more collaboration soon! best wishes to you and Rena Jones in regards to your upcoming album!
13 Feb 2007 18:12da... e chiar bun omul..
selffish: omul = outer man? thank you..
10 Feb 2007 08:36salut....
esti super omule...
mi'as dori sa aud ceva fresh de la tine,
si mai ales un live...

17 Jan 2007 02:10I miss Riga, Selffiii..!
Congrats with the release of "Deep Sea Shipping"! Its full of Selffish.. :) Hope you are doing well and happy.
selffish: missing you here, fellow! perhaps, i'll visit you some day this spring/summer!
04 Jan 2007 05:05labs!
best wishes from minimal crew from vilnius! good sound, love and peace.
31 Dec 2006 13:51hello! Happy new year! Love, Peace and Unity! Selffi, you are wizard from electronic music, really:)) your friends from moscow city.
selffish: thank you very much, willy and ira! may the year of 2007 be full of joy and love for both of you !
23 Dec 2006 13:49yeah great mixes! great music!
thanks from germany, stefan
19 Nov 2006 23:55Great music!!! I'm exloring baltic states' music scene, and your work is really impressive. I'm portuguese, but now studying new media in Helsinki. Trying to get some gigs in the Baltic Countries, maybe I'll see you around! :-) Nuno aka Coden www.codensound.com
11 Nov 2006 00:13Great work! I love your music! best reg. / Motionfield
07 Nov 2006 14:37Thank you!
22 Oct 2006 00:54vai dvd diskaa "Rallijs tad un tagad" visi skandarbi ir taveejie? tur beigaas ir viens liidziigs Tavam Alone. tik nekaadiigi nevaru to atrast :( atkal Edgars.:)
un protams "digital images". paklanos Tavaa priekshaa. kaut kas vienreizeeji izcils.
selffish: jaa, Edgars, ieksh dvd "rallijs tad un tagad" ir maneejie skanjdarbi. paldies!
21 Oct 2006 17:46izraadaas ka Tu tach esi muuseejais. :) un Mees ta ka traki peramies un mekleejam pa eiropu Tavus gabalus. :) Kaa var zinaat kuraa vietaa Latvijaa un kad Tu speelee?
Ar cienju. Edgars un DJ RICH. Latvija.
selffish: www.selffish.org/live-dates.html
15 Sep 2006 18:02Hey Selffi. Warm greetings directly from Rio de Janeiro. Still listening often your music, showing our audiovisual - everybody likes it. keep up with your great work. hugs, tk.
18 Aug 2006 10:52hi! how about your new album for Thinner? It had been announced in incoming Thinner releases, but it suddenly disappeared some time ago. Please drop some info of your forthcoming releases ... bestes .. YAC
selffish: hello, stranger! my album is postponed a little bit because i still need some time to complete the production. by no means it has been cancelled. i suggest that it may well be out under thn090 in september or so.
24 Jun 2006 02:14beautiful music! i know you from spacemusic.nl and i really love your music. will you be in riga ones again? take care, *mamo
selffish: thank you for the cheers! in riga? i am living in riga!
04 May 2006 18:28wow, the epilogue and some other recent compositions are f... brilliant!! keep doing such a nice music. see you!

17 Apr 2006 21:05Hey Selffish! Excellent set @ raadio 2! It fit the mood of that day just perfectly. After-saiakangi-chill... :) You'll be on my sunday playlist for long time. And the thing that makes it even better is that you seem the nicest guy! Too bad the weekend ended so soon.

Cheers, Recue
selffish: thank you Recue! i enjoyed your set at the saiakangi cafe too! we shall see if we can make it possible to get you guys over here some day for a play!
22 Mar 2006 09:18Hi Andrew! I am your big fan since your live performance at 16 Tons in Moscow in 2004. I had never heard you before and came to that gig making a judgement by a press-release only. And I was quite impressed with the music you do. You are an outstanding musician, it is great that there are such talented producers as yourself. Your music attracts both with melodic and arrangement complexity, with beautiful sound and thourough and gentle treatment to the music material. You should be definitely gaining a worldwide fame. It is sad that I was not able to visit two more of your gigs in Moscow, and I am impatiently waiting for your arrival here. Good luck!
selffish: dear stranger! your message is filled with so much warmth that i simply may not leave it unanswered. with each new performance in moscow, i grow to like your city more and more, and especially the people whom i have met during my previous gigs there. i am utterly grateful for what you have written and how you have worded it. i am also grateful to know that you do feel my music, and i would like to meet you in person during my next visit to moscow.

03 Mar 2006 01:40Cheers from Scotland- the sounds are great, and no doubt a lot of time and work on your part- thanks.
13 Jan 2006 16:38Hello, Selffish! Happy New Year 2006! Best wishes to u. Feel free to be the best. Your music is an absolute space. It touches the deepest strings of my soul, never leaves me indifferent .It makes me be far and close to the place i wanna be, to the things i wanna do. Thank u:-)
selffish: hello fellow stranger from russia, and thank you so much for sharing your sincere feelings about my music! your words give me much inspiration and i am full of appreciation!
04 Jan 2006 17:55Hello, Selffi! Happy New Year! Love, Respect and Peace! Your friends from Moscow:)
selffish: love and peace upon you too, my true friends!
05 Dec 2005 01:12listener from Canada... I've been enjoying your stuff for a while. Often I'll listen to your music at work where there is enough drive in the rhythm to make me move forward but with enough depth to make me sit back. For creative work, this tug-of-war is essential.


selffish: thank you for the kind words malfunkt!
01 Aug 2005 23:09Thank you very much for ur musik,
greez from Germany.
I hope i can buy ur musik somwhere couse i love it!
selffish: "blue planet chill" cd is available through www.plus371.com and paypal
01 Aug 2005 01:03Listened and enjoyed your sound over Spacemusik Podcast Thank you great work
25 Jul 2005 14:39i'm really appreciate your works so far ... it's really strange you have not realeased anything in usual format labels .. have you not had any proposals or just not wanted to be released on vinyl or CD
selffish: it's not so easy to reply to such question in one sentence, my friend
18 Jul 2005 22:08Thank you for the super live perfomance at SundanceMusicFestival,Tallinn.
Kaido Kirikmäe(www.kuurortrecords.tk)
15 Jul 2005 16:29Hello, our friend! its a good day for good music! respect for you. and love. Your friends from Laguna, Moscow.
11 Jul 2005 22:19The music you produce changed my life; I must not forget, it also changed the life of 6.000 peoples a month... your audience is perhaps bigger than you realise !!! You Rock!!! A great, great fan of Selffish, from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Hi ! I'm TC. (no hyperlinks, with all respect here) Keep up the good work.
13 Jun 2005 06:01Great work! Much love and respect from the US
18 May 2005 23:32cheers from Norway and thanks a lot for doing what you do to the music scene :) Loads of respect! Gonna have to dig up some money and get a copy of your album too. Cheers! Sigmund
27 Apr 2005 16:26:) Hi Iam Daniel from Hungary! I want to say hello all of Selffi fans :) Keep the music alive! ezittacimem@vipmail.hu
19 Apr 2005 20:31more dubby ambience please....i love it! much respect.
04 Apr 2005 14:43exceptional devotional emotional sound poetry
-- said combi
21 Mar 2005 06:24Maaaaan, I love it!!!!
21 Mar 2005 02:06Hello from Poland! Since I've heard 'Jet-Legger' it can't stop playing in my head ;-). It's kind of music I would like Biosphere to play instead of boring minimalism he is exploring. So G.Jenssen doesn't fulfill my expectations but I found Selffish and that's great! Looking forward to your new LP. Cheers,
Marcin 'm4p'
09 Mar 2005 20:11Selffish! Veeeery good. I really like what you do. Good luck, Fenton from Buenos Aires, Argentina! =)
09 Mar 2005 11:03roodz -- :)) tava daillrade !
03 Mar 2005 19:20Man tada spalvaina ideja ienaca prata. Dzivojoties pa Detroitu es biju uz diviem Detroit Electronica Music Festival pasakumiem. Tur uzzinaju par tadiem grupejumiem ka Jazzanova un Tortoise. DEMF ir lielakais bezmaksas electronica muzikas festivals ASV ( ash mega independent, ja vien FORD nebutu viens no generalsponsoriem :( ) Domaju ka tava muzika tur butu ka kulaks uz acs. Dramatisks konteksts zem klajam debesim. Sogad laikam jau vinji ir sahgrupejusi visus acts, bet...nekad neko nevar zinat. Check it out. :) www.fuse-indetroit.com/ www.worldofdeep.com/tsindex.html
Pasakuma producents ir Kevin Saunders. Ceru ka kautkas tur sanaks. Keep on pushing!
05 Feb 2005 16:32did you never think to introduce classical instruments like "murcof"? ...(stupid question? dunnow, but is nice to listen to new sounds)
31 Jan 2005 20:11i love your stuff !!! enning from germany / hamburg

18 Jan 2005 15:56hey selffi!! nice pics at xmas lab!!! really miss you both ;) Signals from Brussels
13 Jan 2005 15:21Se Ipsum Tantum Amare... вообще!
10 Jan 2005 12:48you rule, I just love your music man! Can't wait to see your stuff live!
09 Jan 2005 22:27Deeply impressed by the Ena LP & Enas Rmxs album on Thinner...awesome. A true masterpiece! Do you have a new album in the pipeline?

A fan from Holland
selffish: yes, i am working on my new album for thinner that is going to be out in autumn 2005. i will publish all information about my upcoming releases on my website by all means.
26 Dec 2004 23:24u r pretty cool man! ur huskykatze.de
20 Dec 2004 02:10hy there...just want to tell how much i respect your music. i got your tracks from thinner music, and theyre so damn deep interlectuel and poetic...keep on its so inspiring to me and my best friend "my brain". lo fi funk 67, oblivion, bare poles and on and to much to list here.
greets from hamburg...frederik
selffish: thank you, frederik! it is what i call audio poetry in my own vision just as well.
01 Dec 2004 22:53Njaa biki biju paaresteigts par dziesmu minimaalismu, gandriiz vienas un taas pashas sekvences visas dziesmas garumaa.... boring....perkursijas un biiti elementaari.
30 Nov 2004 14:11eh selffish.......... tu zini manu viedokli,,, un jo vairaak laiks iet uz priekshu...., jo labaaks tu esi! IDent...
26 Nov 2004 11:10LIELS paldies par fresh demo playlistU! :) ReoR
21 Nov 2004 20:01this "artist" shows once more that it gives tooo much bad musicians.
Very boring
04 Nov 2004 04:48nicely done :) -nool
15 Oct 2004 05:04chau sveicieni tev no bassisat raiwo roodz :)
30 Sep 2004 12:08dzilji biiti. turpini straadaat. arii sev par prieku.
17 Sep 2004 17:31u're my sonic hero!=)
10 Sep 2004 22:52as another great master shunryu suzuki said, when you take the utmost care of what you do, then you feel good. may this new website be the continued platform for your very own music style and great spirit. your star is swiftly rising! tatafuma
selffish: thank you my dear sister!
09 Sep 2004 16:32love your stuff! www.thomaskaufmann.com
09 Sep 2004 12:51nice website - stylish and user friendly, that's the way I like it. very atmospheric music, too. Keep it coming! nk.netzklang.org
08 Sep 2004 16:13I have a nice story by the way... once I was parking my car in the old part of Riga and was planning to have a lunch afterwards. I made a few turns around one of the reconstruction areas in the city centre and tried to get into any of the hidden places, surrounded by the scratched houses without any success. So I gave up and simply left the car near the green bulldozer resting after hard working morning. Have you ever seen a green bulldozer, by the way? I haven't, but I was somehow very confident about this particular one. Probably because it was a luch time.. So I had great lunch in the small place called "..." - wonderfull meal, nice atmosphere and music.. You could say now: "Hey, why are you telling this here??" or "Its a strange story, even though there is nothing special about it.. What is the reason that you're telling it to me?" My answer would be: "Heh, there is nothing so much special about it, I simply like Riga, their inhabitants and the way I feel in there.. You know, my favorite musician is Selffish and he is also from Riga ..." // combi
selffish: thank you, my friend! i am glad to see you enjoy both my city and my music.
08 Sep 2004 13:02your music is great!!! :) kalnina
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