andrew eigus was born in riga in 1973. selffish materialised in 2002. the name selffish denotes a paradigm shift in andrew's life. it is an absurdist exercise of fusing the arguably unrelated and irrelevant words 'selfish', 'shellfish' and 'shelffish' into a new name. the music selffish produced was slower and more refined than eigus's earlier works. selffish fuses his melodies with minimal beats to create original and organic sounds and an ethereal listening experience that selffish calls "foreground ambient music". to add another layer to his music, he incorporates field recordings from within and outside the city of riga, his grand piano recordings, as well as other acoustic instruments and the human voice. this unique mixture of computer-processed sound-design and natural sounds creates music from a land where it rains often.

"blue planet chill" cd - +371 rec. & peace technologies (2002/5)
"enas" lp - thinner records (2002)
"ena" lp - thinner records (2004)

you may find some demo tracks in the tracks section, demo mixes are available in the mixes section and field recordings are in the phonography section. all audio samples on this site are copyright © 2000-2024 by andrew eigus and are prohibited for commercial use. please avoid listening to these samples in a noisy environment.

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